British Business Manifesto: The Book

Colin Edward Egan, forthcoming, September 2023
British Business Manifesto: Strategies for Profitable Growth

In the post-Brexit era, the opportunities for British Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to design successful and profitable competitive strategies are potentially huge. To take advantage of these, they must adopt a structured and systematic approach to business strategy, marketing, innovation and branding, with these management processes supported by operational excellence for enhanced productivity.

Firms should be preparing now to exploit the ‘strategic windows’ that international business developments will bring as new trade deals are struck. Equally, British companies pursuing purely domestic business strategies should bolster themselves for the fierce competitive winds that those newly negotiated global trade agreements will bring to the UK market:  after all, international free trade is a two-way street…

In British Business Manifesto: Strategies for Profitable Growth, we discuss the concepts, frameworks, processes and tools which will guide smart managers running intelligent companies towards current and future global and domestic business strategy success. 


In the beginning, approximately 5,300 years ago…

In 1991 hikers in the Austrian Ötztal Alps discovered a mummified body protruding from a melting glacier. Archaeologists dated the frozen remains as being 5,300 years old and gave him the nickname Ötzi, ‘the Iceman’. They were able to demonstrate that he was travelling between two locations and to contend with confidence that he was on the move with the purpose of exchanging goods from one community to another. International trade, if not born, or ‘free’ (who knows?), is proven.


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4th February 2020: The Post-Brexit Dawn

A Brief Introduction to International Free Trade

Chapter One
Scanning & Sensing the Business Environment

Chapter Two
Analysing Global & Domestic Markets

Chapter Three
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Chapter Four
Strategic Marketing

Chapter Five
Strategic Brand Management

Chapter Six
Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter Seven
A Practical Framework for Business Strategy Success

Chapter Eight
Implementing Business Strategy

Appendix One
Building a Comprehensive Strategic Audit

Appendix Two
The BBM Glossary of Business Strategy Concepts & Terms: A Sample

Appendix Three
Author’s Recommended Resources for Further Inquiry: A Sample

A brief overview of the role of referencing in the book


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